MiCRONOS Cloud Academy

Do you want to skill, upskill or reskill your team to bring the Cloud into daily practice? Check out the MiCRONOS Cloud Academy: We help companies embrace Microsoft Cloud Technology.


We always start with an intake by one of our experts. They will listen to which skills you’re looking to develop for your team. Although the tracks are predefined, we always personalize the journey tailored to your needs.

Digital content

We bring together quality content from trusted online sources. Through our own platform, students can follow the courses and keep track of their progress. Our experts have also prepared custom excercices to asses the development of skills along their journey.always personalize the journey tailored to your needs.

Coaching & mentoring

Our experts or Most Valuable Professionals provide coaching & mentoring. They guide you to put your newly developed skills to work.Tap into their knowledge for a hybrid learning journey combining online and real-life learning.


Microsoft Azure

Learn basic cloud concepts and get a streamlined overview of many Azure services. Go from Essentials to learning paths such as Development, Data & AI and Infrastructure architecture.

Microsoft 365

Get a solid understanding of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Viva, Exchange – and much more. Understand core platform capabilities, their security aspects, and your support and licensing options.

Microsoft Power Platform

Automate business processes with Power Automate and learn how to visualize data in a meaningful way with Power BI. Discover everything you need to know about data, security and the governance aspects.

Microsoft Sales Courses

Whether you are an experienced sales professional or just starting your career, our Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 for Sales courses offer valuable insights to strengthen your sales abilities and upskill your sales capabilities.

Want to get started?

Stop wasting time searching for the right training or course(s).

Talk to one of our experts and let us help you prepare your team for the future. Cloud(y) and bright!

Why our academy

Cloud shift

In the last few years the digital shift has affected different industries with growing pace. The speed new technologies evolve will only increase.

Skills gap

Today the demand for IT-specialists has already exceeded its current offer. The continuous development of new technologies means a growing need for new and dedicated competences.

Sharing knowledge

As a leading Microsoft partner we have the ambition to skill and upskill our employees and customers. Sharing knowledge and expertise is in our DNA.

Need more information? Check our Q&A.

Who is eligible for the MiCA training program?

  • MiCA is accessible for all companies interested in skilling their teams or employees in Microsoft (cloud) technology.
  • MiCA is accessible for all employees of the Cronos Group.

What is the preferred proficiency to start the courses?

  • Our courses are subdivided into MiCA Essentials and MiCA Experts tracks.
  • Depending on your proficiency level our experts advise you on which courses to take with regard to your personal training journey.
  • The minimum requirements for the Essentials track are:
    • Knowledge of server operating systems (either Windows Server or Linux)
    • Basic knowledge of identity management (Active Directory, users, groups, service accounts, …)
    • Basic knowledge of networking (TCP/IP, routing, …)
    • Basic knowledge of storage (block vs file storage)
    • Basic knowledge of scripting (e.g., bash, PowerShell) or a programming language

Do participants need to pass an exam and/or do they receive a certificate?

  • When a student finishes a course, he/she receives a MiCA certificate.
  • With the acquired knowledge the student is ready to start the official Microsoft exams.

What does ‘curated content’ mean?

  • Our experts retrain and educate themselves on a daily basis meaning they are perfectly placed to select the most qualitative content from the enormous amount of available material. Their selection will be essential in succeeding the predefined goals.
  • We select content from official (Microsoft) sources supplemented with material from our own Microsoft experts.

Microsoft Cloud technology evolves increasingly fast. How does the MiCA program keep up with these changes?

  • Educating themselves is second nature to our experts. They’re trained in noticing new and relevant content immediately, making sure new material is added to the tracks constantly.
  • We organize monthly updates with new information on the different clouds and in which participants are motivated to ask specific questions concerning their courses.

I’m interested in multiple cloud solutions. Do I need to subscribe to several different courses?

  • No, as soon as you have access to MiCA you have access to all tracks and courses.
  • However, some courses require a specific proficiency level or the MiCA Essentials certification for starters.

How long do I have access to the platform after subscribing?

  • Your access is valid for one year, starting at the first time you log in.

How do I check my progress report?

  • Contact your team lead or mentor. They’re able to check your progress at any time.

My company already has a Learning Management System. How does MiCA integrate with existing systems?

  • Yes, it’s possible to integrate MiCA with any LMS system through an FTP connection.

I would like to look deeper into a certain subject. Is this possible with MiCA?

  • It’s possible to personalize MiCA entirely to your needs. If you want to do so, contact us and we’ll look deeper into it.

Who are the coaches?

  • Our coaches are certified experts in one or more Microsoft technologies. They all work for the Cronos Group. Most of them are MVP’s (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional)
  • Our coaches have contact with companies and employees on a daily basis, making sure they have up to date field experience.

When do I start?

  • There are no fixed starting dates. A participant is able to enroll in MiCA any time he/she wants.